Every home deserves a library—a sanctuary of knowledge, inspiration, and imagination, fostering learning, creativity, and a love for reading among its dwellers.

SMART Plan Pro Kit @ Rs49/- Get Home-Library
 Talking Book  from  www.talkingbook.in  Talking Book  from  www.talkingbook.in

Why Home-Library ?

" Talking Book Home-Library" offers an incredible range of resources and tools essential for setting up and enriching your home library experience. Access to a wide selection of books, posters, planners, and setup guidance elevates your personal reading space. Additionally, gain exclusive access to the Digital-Library platform for a plethora of benefits: short motivational videos, certification courses, competitive exam prep materials, engaging webinars, and a supportive NoCode Community fostering the creation of digital products without coding knowledge. It's your gateway to a comprehensive and enriching library experience, both in print and digital realms.

SMART Plan Pro Kit @ Rs49/- Get Home-Library


The Talking Book: Success Keys App enables readers to gain insights from successful entrepreneurs through AI Avatar interviews and short educational videos

Work Sheets

The SMART Plan Pro Kit provides work sheets for effective goal setting, time management, and productivity, paving the way for personal and professional success.

Digital Library

The Innovation-Hubs Digital Library offers a virtual treasure trove of knowledge and learning resources, providing a platform for those eager to broaden their horizons.

QR Code

Introducing a novel reading experience with QR codes embedded within the book, providing extra information accessible directly on your smartphone.

Talking Book

“Explore the remarkable origin stories of successful student-led startups through AI-driven founder interviews, accessible on smartphones while reading. Gain insights into idea generation, initial challenges, and the pivotal roles of ecosystems and co-founders in transforming these startups into unicorns, all achieved without prior experience.”


“The The Talking Book Digital-Library is an expansive resource hub, offering a wealth of educational materials from ebooks to short videos, fostering innovation with No Code Technology, expert-led webinars, and facilitating collaboration through the Cross Campus Network. ”

NoCode Community

“In the digital era, almost all devices are interconnected, and every aspiring individual should grasp the language of machines, coding. Yet, currently, just 0.5% can code, meaning only one in 400 can. To democratize coding, "No-Code" has emerged, enabling the creation of digital products—websites, apps, games, etc.—without coding.

Transform Your Life Forever

  • • Acclaimed by leading educational experts as a life-transforming read.
  • • Proud recipient of the India Books of Records accolade.
  • • Delve into the real and inspiring tales of campus-originated startups.
  • • Complemented by an exclusive Android App for enhanced engagement.
  • • Pioneering the realm of literature with AI Avatar interviews of successful startup founders.
  • • Access a treasure trove of over a thousand micro motivational videos.
  • • Unlock a digital library with the latest courses, expanding your knowledge horizons.
  • • Empower yourself to master NoCode technology for app, website, and game development without the need for coding.
  • • Discover and implement the practical tools used by experts to develop success habits.

SMART Plan Pro Kit @ Rs49/- Get Home-Library

 Talking Book  from  www.talkingbook.in

Your Path to Peak Productivity

  • SMART Goal Mastery: Learn the art of setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals. Transform your dreams into actionable plans.
  • Effective Planning Tools: A complete set of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners, offering structure and organization for your life.
  • Decision-Making Made Easy: Harness the power of the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize tasks and focus on what truly matters.
  • Time Management Mastery: Implement the Timeboxing technique to allocate focused time slots to your tasks, maximizing your efficiency.
  • Deep Work Strategies: Dive into the world of deep work, a method that enhances concentration, productivity, and achievement.
  • Pomodoro Productivity: Discover the Pomodoro Technique for time management, breaking your work into intervals with regular breaks.

What Makes It Special:

  • QR Code Integration: Each tool is supported by QR codes, granting you access to videos, supplementary materials, and apps aligned with each topic.
  • AI-Powered: Crafted with extensive study and AI support, this kit is a meticulously curated resource.
 Talking Book  from  www.talkingbook.in

Unlock Success

Discover the stories of student entrepreneurs who transformed campus ideas into global startups. Gain insights into their challenges and the supportive ecosystems. This book is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs.
The Talking Book App takes learning to the next level. Access AI Avatar interviews on your smartphone while reading, offering interactive and engaging wisdom from successful student entrepreneurs.
The SMART Plan Pro Kit within the app provides tools for productivity and goal-setting. It includes worksheets, posters, and QR codes for mastering essential skills not often taught in traditional education.
  • Learn to create websites, apps, and programs without coding.
  • Democratize coding and unleash your creativity.

"Habits of Highly Successful Student Startuper's" combined with the Talking Book App offers an empowering journey, making it essential for those seeking success in the modern age.
 Talking Book  from  www.talkingbook.in
SMART Plan Pro Kit @ Rs49/- Get Home-Library